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We believe efficiency, affordability, and consistency are the keys to being successful in real estate. We provide the most cost effective lead generation options in Real Estate today that Investors, Realtors, and Brokers can take advantage of. Our NO MONTHLY FEE and very low cost per data approach allows both new and seasoned investors to significantly reduce costs to bring in quality leads. We've created the solution by removing the financial barrier, and as a direct result we are now are able to help thousands of people change their lives with our new "Penny Data" solutions.


There was one focus in mind after exploring the variety of opportunity in the real estate business... How do I be more efficient? How do I spend as little time as possible, but close as many deals as possible? There are many Coaches/Mentors in the real estate business. Their opinions all vary on what is the best approach to make money in the game of Real Estate. One thing they are all in agreement on, however, is that in order to be successful you need to have a plan, and you need to be consistent.
Our goal was to set new grounds in the real estate investing business in terms of how leads are generated, and how affordable those leads were to people. We noticed that there are no solutions available in the technology world that could generate leads consistently with no monthly fees.


Now you can take advantage of extremely affordable lead generation services without having to worry when your next "billing cycle" is coming around for your lead generation subscription. Take advantage of our PAY AS YOU GO data and lead generation services today!

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Simplistic Features & Design

We provide a user friendly interface. You won't find features here that are full of fluff. Have peace of mind knowing the tools that are available to you will bring you results. All you'll need to do is: pull your data, send your texts, gather your leads, and make your calls. It's that simple.

Skip Tracing and Off-Market Data

Affordable Skip Tracing and List Generation Services are now available! Now you can request that we skip trace your real off-market property data for just 2 cents per search. We can also provide you lists for just 2 cents per address. You can also get both at the same time at a discount rate of 3 cents a piece that are positively appended!

Zillow and Craigslist Scraping

We bring you complete data from property listings from the #1 Real Estate website and the #1 Classifieds website! Just 2 Cent per listing for Zillow and 3 Cents per listing for Craigslist!

Integrated Text Messaging

For just 1 cent per text sent/received you'll be able to send your marketing campaigns quickly and easily right from inside the platform. We also support dynamic fields so that you can send out to a massive list all at once and maintain a personal look and feel on each text message that is delivered. You are also able to upload/import an existing list that you may have.

Continuous Updates

We are continuing to develop the platform to provide more data sources as we grow with demand. Additional features in future updates:"Ringless Voicemail"(send voicemails direct without ringing the number dialed), Autodialer cold calling system, Texting autoresponder, Automated follow up texts, Integrated text message inbox system.

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

We are cloud based, so no software installation required. We proudly support all Desktop & Laptop Windows, Mac, and Linux configurations. We also support Android, Apple, and Windows Smart Phone and Tablet hand held devices.

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$0 Per Month $0 Set Up Fee

1 Cents per text in/out

3 Cents Craigslist Data

2 Cents Zillow Data

2 Cents Skip Tracing

2 Cents Off Market Lists


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